Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Best Kept, Underfoot

That's where I want to be. Tripping you up, in the middle of it all, scrambling for your attention. You may get aggravated, but then, your face softens, and you smile because I'm so endearing.

(fingers crossed!)

My daydreams? Consist of beautiful oak bookshelves, glasses of Pinot Noir, open windows, happy bellies, bare feet, bikini tops, James Bond movies, the smell of honeysuckle, seeing my Papaw again, looking for crows, smelling my old baby blanket, having someone to take care of, being patient, skateboard, and not fall off, swing on a swing set, being able to write day in and day out, connect with you. That's not all.

I really like the people who give a shit about me. Meaning, you call, and email me, send me cards, have your children talk to me, include me in your family, pray with me, skateboard with me, check on me, make sure I'm drinking enough water, remind me not to discount myself. You worry! Did she get home ok? Is Paula eating? She could go with us. Call Paw Paw!

Thank you. It means the world.

Yeah, I know, we are friends. That's what we do. When I cry, you hug me. When I am angry, you let me get the devil out. When I am confused, we go through the checklist, and sort it out.

I like that.

You tell me I'm a hot girl, and I cause fires.

You, tell me that things are better than last year, and try to compare how I felt then.(and skate!)

You, remind me, I can go out with you on the weekend, and whisper, let's try to find boys!

You, over there, are an exceptional mother, and your child, has given me a nickname that has/and will continue to dominate Face book.( You should be up front. )

You, are an amazing woman, with skills to pay the bills photography, and your amazing ability to pick up on my emotions. (even when I try to stuff em down)

You, compare me to a great woman in the bible, who's faith is beyond compare. (Ruth)

You, read whatever I type out, and somehow, (I hope), are able to apply to your life.

You, little missy, even in our 10 year, and one day, age difference, has put things on hold, to just make sure, I am well. I miss the boys!!!!!

You too..... I wonder, when is the right time to call?

So there. I need you, to need me.

Let's get together!

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