Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Not you. Never. This is the only time, I mean, the only time I can listen to any advice given by that a** John Mayer. Say what you need to say.

**** Disclaimer *****

That's the only thing you should absorb from that jackalope. Lots to cover today. I came clean to Angie. It felt good. She said something first. I may be in love with her.

'Cause she asked me. I love you, you dirty, rotten, roller skatin', armadillo you. It's platonic love. Although, if I were a ragin' lez, Steve would be the first to know.

I forgot all the notes in my pocket. Those are important. Salad is on my mind, so bear with me.

Look me in the eye when you take me down!!! It's how I roll! I don't know until you tell me.

So give me a break. Sittin' there in your anger, pouty, cowboy hat. (me) Quickly, switch the mirror around.....

I am looking forward to my weekend. I usually don't focus that far ahead.

God blessed therapist. Coming clean? Still seeing them weekly? That's ok.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't make. I love you Office.

Call me Carrel, I need more band-aids.

Matt Kearney blaring. Made me feel like a volcano. Pressure.

Rambo First Blood was on last night, the boys and I studied the bazooka's, and jungle. I made a sweet red headband for Champ. Now, that's a spicy meatball!!!

At church with Landa yesterday, we found this book called extraordinary prayer. It was extraordinary. I loved it. It had all these responsive readings in it that filled me up.

I had also read a prayer, and at the end, it said,
Lord, just don't let me wait too long.

My motto.

When you said, I don't think you're geared like everyone else, I thought I had been punked.

Sitting in the truck jamming out, I love music I haven't heard before. I love brand new stuff my ears pick up. Travel to my brain, whippin' up my neurons. You dirty bird.

Peter said, the bird, bird, bird is the word... bird, bird, bird, bird is the word....

The true name to my post today?

What I need a M***** F***** for.

1. I need one to pay for my guitar lessons.
2. To reach the top shelf, so I'm not fallin' off the step stool and spillin' my kool-aid.
3. EEEE. to cuddle with.
4. To keep me in check.
5. Settle me into reality.
6. Split the bills.
7. Buy me shit. Pick flowers.
8. Be mad at me when I show myself, but laugh cause you mf'er, you knows my nature.
9. Talk me out of joining the circus. Just do it.
10. Help me open up, and rap to the Beastie Boys.
11. Go on long hikes, and kiss when we get to the top.
12. Make sure I get home safe.
13. Tuck you into bed at night.
14. Watch me take a bath. ( last night was a good one )
15.Check for bad guys outside.
16. Hold me in the middle of the night when I get scared, or at least, call.
17. Shoot targets.:)
18. Help figure out for sure if I'm sleep walking.
19. Go to church with me.
20. Meet my daddy, and just be with the easy goin' man.
21. Avoid Vicky Clause at all costs, learn quickly how to change the subject.
22. So then, I'm not the third. Or fifth. Or God-fearin' seventh.
23. To learn more about.
24. To get lost with. ( being lost with yourself, is encouraged, but can be scary.) (I'm still a girl.)

I love you girls. You married queens. I love you. Like the freckles on my arms, I guard you in my heart like little chicks who have just hatched.

But, I need more. I need more. Oh crap, that felt good. I need more.

No discounts to you Skinny Bitch. 22 year old Skinny Bitch. With your 80's sunglasses of perception. I love you too. Hurry back from Lawrencville, so we can whore around.
JK, so you can whore around, no, JK, so we can together. ( Text much?)

I swallowed my whiskey like a good girl, and finished my journal.

Turned off the TV, and went to bed.

All right, all right. So I tend to do things that you wouldn't do?

It's ok, I think you're moving right along.

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