Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Spellcheck?

You gotta start small. Even, when you, are the small fish. This morning, walking through the bedroom, I caught myself in the mirror. Heyyyyy, youre small, so, you gotta start small.
My appetite? Is huge.
I have a hard time saying no, I have a hard time not giving every ounce of me away.
Small steps.
I have a problem. A flaw.

This is just one of them, I , want to go straight to the solution.

I can't stand the mathematics of things. (Paradox, much, PLN?-Sphinx?)


Dreams as of late? Here we go. One calm, peaceful, sweet dream. Of me holding a baby deer. It may be from the picture of Kelly's Papaw holding one. Grass. Woods. Outside.
The other? Very traumatic. Vivid. Breath-taking, in a bad way. Being shot. In the neck. Shoulder. Being able to see my muscles. Very strange.

Surrender isn't always a sign of weakness.

Why does the fruit taste so good? I can't have fruit, so I want it. Things can't be different right now, so of course, I covet. Why does the fruit taste so good????

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