Friday, October 30, 2009

Ain't no mountain high enough

Being saturated and satiated with emotion and sensation, I went to bed and slept the the sleep of the saved and thankful. Winston Churchill

I love that quote. It sums me up. It creates a net for me.

Dreams of the week? Terrifying. Especially the night before last. I had dreamed of all people I was with Casie and Terry. We were helping some people move from our church and it all seemed like the right thing up until the end. I dreamed their house burned to the ground and the spot that was left looked like a demon's face. I proceeded to dream the people we had helped turned into demons also and then devoured my human flesh. Sketchy huh?

Dream on Tuesday night? Sue and I were antiquing in this abandoned town. It was nightfall. It was so cute, but there was no one there. The shops were set up. We were shopping away. It was all too "House of Wax" for me though. The second part of my dream it's daylight and Sue and I are walking on the beach. Bryan is there but he's dying. (Awful thought!) But his body is floating above the water, a la "Gladiator" (when he floats above the grain and sees his family in the movie.) Then, that was the end of the dream. Flippy outty baby.

Here we are. Friday. Finally. I am obsessing over a few things right now. 1. My Brandy (my cousin) had a birthday and I flipped out about it, and I'm constantly singing "Old Time Rock 'n Roll" by Bob Seger due to the fact Brandy and this song goes together. We "possibly", "maybe" have been at a "supposed" Food City in glorious White Pine, TN and may or may not have danced a little jig to said song. Just sayin'. I love ya gal.

2. Obsessing over church. Work. Call or not to be on call. I need new clothes. Desperately. I have been unable to attack said list from yesterday's post due to the fact I was on call. I didn't have a ton of time.

3. Singing the John Cena theme song in my head. ALL THE TIME. For really no reason.

4. I just realized how jam packed busy I am going to be this November. Okay, really starting now, this day, all the way to the end of November. Angie's birthday is right around the corner. Rock slide or not, I'm coming to Cackalacky Tuesday. Even for a "thirty-something,"(your words) she's still gorgeous and breathtaking. I am slammed with dog sitting gigs right now. G-O-N-E to Georgia November 7th. WORKING, PLAYING, terrorizing said Nason Household and I can't wait.

I really need a game plan. I need to get back into scheduling out my day like I used to. This way, I'm not forgetting. Being lazy or just keeping my head in the clouds. Have I mentioned how busy I am? It's bullshit. I ain't pointin' any fingers, but...... I am doing everything I can. My evening? Concluding my term with the T&C, I am going to see Gary at the tanning bed, bring him heart worm preventative, run home, kiss dogs, take out trash, change clothes, medicate said dogs, give them sustenance so they can continue living, fight off and feed the vicious stepbrothers AKA "The cats", get my shiz together so I can go work out, go see Daddy cause it's his BIRTHDAY!!!! HOLLA!!!!! Not necessarily in this order, but this is the type of shenanigan bullshit I do on a daily basis. Have I mentioned the rat's nest on my head? It's a nightmare. I need to change the sheets on my bed and SLEEEEEEEEEEEEP and not have awful nightmares and have all my ducks in a row for tomorrow.

Cause Govnah, that's when it's gonna be busy.

Notice how much I'm growing? And it's not painful at all!

(P.S. I'm rap's MPV - this is obvious, right?)


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