Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three wolves and a moon

The rain has been obnoxious. It still continues and makes me evil. So Mama took the birthday girl out for shopping today, and I found a cute shirt, and a sign for the house. The sign? It says: A.S.A.P - As Southern As Possible. Does that not sound like me? Completely.

Back to the task at hand. Look. I really need to be creative. Unfortunately my favorite photographer and helpful compadre lives 4 hours away. Really? Really? I am struggling to get by with my writing right now, or so it seems. I love blogging. It helps me cope. Get by. I can confess how I feel, and roll it out. I can kinda point my finger at bullshit but not fuck anything up by calling anyone out. I do this in a collective effort when I call my best friends - WHO LIVE OUT OF STATE!!!!!

Fuck. That's where I am. I need you to get by. I am looking for new ideas. I am figuring out how to fill in some space. I am moving the pie save tonight, come hell or high water. Truth be told a little birdy told me she wore makeup and sent a pic to confirm, and she tried to convince me that hell had frozen over. Not yet.

I am experimenting with new hair, as I told you. I need as following: Full crinoline skirt, black pants, a cardigan, boots that don't make me look like a whore, more stepping stones for the yard, 1 pair of jeans, hot rollers. Oh and a windbreaker.

Back to moving the pie save. I surely can move it on my own, I have to have a place for my books. I just wont do the next 6 months. It's cold. It's rainy. It's just not a great existence for a girl like me. I adore being warm. I may blow away in the calamity. I have to wear extra lotion. It makes me sad. Champ already has his knee socks pulled up to an oblivion. I swear Tiger was inside my toboggan this morning. Just a snout peeking out.

The inside track? Doing inside things. This may mean sitting on the dryer and not just for recreational entertainment if you know what I mean.

Here I go again on my own............ I frickin' love David Coverdale!

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