Saturday, October 17, 2009

Roast Beef

Eating rare tempered, hot lovin' steak is my idea of a good time. I may invest in that statement. I would compare the nature of love to the wonderful creation of meat. Love cannot survive without another, and so it is with steak. I realize with my drinking bender this week I should be careful in the water I am about to tread in...... but having a couple of glasses of wine or fine whiskey before eating said gorgeous pieces of meat completes the experience. And it's also a written commandment. My kind of living.

See how I'm not so dumb in the now? Was the shoe on the other foot, and it was you who was so naive? I believe in uncontrollable movement. Constant impaired judgement. Creating change, and embracing change. I am more ambitious than a flightless bird dropping out of a tree. Except dropping, I spread my wings. I press out the juice, I unwrap the fruit, I use the meat to eat up the entire thing. Forgive me for not wiping my face, or using any form of etiquette. I refuse to be proper. I announce myself. I don't ask for any room, I make myself at home and become immediately comfortable.

Out in the open. Testing the elements. I'm not afraid of the title "purist." It is a privilege to be where I am. Lacking, sometimes. Not as a person, but in general. In contrast.

I am though, making the most of my opportunities. AND!!!! I can try harder.

The most cost effective solution? Well you gotta get bare boned and there's no choice but to get dirty doing so. See the rear end sticking up in the yard? It's just me working harder. I would be glad to meet you on the other side of the world. Keep that in mind.

All we can do is worry your efforts may go to waste. See here, I am not one to sit on my hands. Being a resourceful Tennessee girl my reputation surpasses me. Unless you believe in white lies. Let's roll p our sleeves and get ready to rumble. To my pleasant surprise, you were not as plugged in as I judged you to be. Take this as a dare. Hopefully the boyscout in you will be so curious you cant help but want to taste the adventure.

Strict on car chases? My intestines can take it. Why hold back?Being independent and in control. This is my victory. I love the shadow boxing and can embrace the theory. Acting is much more delicious. Satisfied a touch longer. It is encouraged to take it all in.

Increase the possibilities and refuse to count them out. I'm not as bad as you had colored me to be. I'm not scalping you even if your behavior deserved it. (What reward?) I am unstartled by the demons who like to play cat and mouse. Dually reminding me that if my measure isn't like everyone else's I need to start watering a few seeds. Do I love being alone? Maybe 80% of the time unless being suckered into another plot of inferiority or other forms of tomfoolery I am tirelessly being fed and led to believe. Then 100% of the time of just me, isn't so much to bitch about.

Your supposed wasteland is equivalent to my paradise. This is close to my heart. I am taking ownership of becoming an icon. I want to adapt to this award. I can only be the most intriguing Paula I can be.

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