Saturday, October 10, 2009


Charlie Murphy! I am drinking copious amounts of coffee and wading to get ahead.That's right. Wading. It's rainy outside here in my neck of the woods. I have a gorgeous dress I want to wear today! I feel as if there is something missing though. I am unsure of what, but I think it will become clearer, soon. Gee, I really sound like a magic 8 ball right there. Reply hazy, ask later.

Where am I going with this? Long ago and far away, things are tragically hip.... You found me. My mind tends to wander quite a bit and I understand trying to read what I write is usually like watching a horrible train wreck. You can't help but stare. With that out of the way, try to follow.

I am going on relentlessly about staying "in focus." I really, really want to do more. Why stop now I ask? Continue to fill my purpose whether it be through just getting by, or just getting past you. I have 2 quotes from Marilyn Monroe which surprisingly, sums me up.

I'm not interested in money I just wan to be beautiful. MM

It's better to be unhappy alone than with unhappy with someone. MM

I am nursing a bit of a tummy ache bc I chugged a cup of coffee. I'm just really full. Did I mention my plateful of biscuit and gravy? Ouch.

I am one hell of a woman. PLN

I get how unfair it is how far ahead of the game I am, but that's how the chips fall sometimes. I take a quick look back to see how far I have come. As a woman. There is this romantic feel to the air for me. It's puzzling. It's a conundrum. Being romantic terrifies me right now. I am a deer in headlights. It's kind of an unfair advantage for me. I don't want to be pulled in different directions. Really. I do keep looking though, and the Rob Pattison/Tyler Durden personality man in String Theory, pines for me in return. (I told you, he is somewhere in the mountains in a cabin writing a prize winning novel)


Although, I do get desolate. I ask when will it be my time? Where is my new beginning? When? When? When? My drowning. How did I realize my advantage? Hmm. Let's see. For one, I see miserable people around. Lovely people, but beaten down. The few are living lives, through no fault of their own, very white bread lives. Nothing wrong with white bread. Gotta put some stinky cheese on that bread every now and again. I can't help but feel like I'm in the middle of Oz - right where it turns to color. Just waking up. (Rub your eyes, get out of bed.)

Champ, entertains me relentlessly, example: I had set some pj pants and a top on top of my dresser from Angie. I didn't think twice until Champ had spotted it. He sat by the dresser. Stared at the clothing. Cocked head. (Sneeze sound - this is something he does when he becomes frustrated) He stands up - ears pert - little nubbin tail up in the air. He barks. Looks at me. Looks at the clothing. Looks at me. More barking. He backs away slowly, bc he becomes frightened with the stuff. He jumps on the bed, very timid. He sits on my lap. Licks my face. So I get up, and pick them up, he backs away. I mean, he's freaked. I get Champ to understand that the clothing will not hurt him. He's such a baby.

I'm done for now. This blog doesn't ever have a point, so welcome to the jungle.

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