Sunday, October 18, 2009

Playin' House

As a new creature, the new environment is very bright. It's been so long, but I believe a ship has caught my eye. Am I off the desert island? No, not so rescued. Just playing coy. If I act shy, it might benefit. BUT it's not an act. This is me as skittish as a deer. Which by the way, I saw 8 this morning. Very still. I transformed. I turned myself inside out. For you, for me, for the moment. Every last little thing I do. It's cute how you pretend you are not damaged goods yourself. You see, apparently this makes me for lack of a better word...... Intoxicating.

Appropriate stimulation..... and baby, you ain't kiddin'. What I am so shocked about is I am coming alive, waking up at the beginning of fall. I thought it would have happened in warm weather. You know, when I thrive. I suppose the surprise is better than what I imagined or scenario created in my mind.

I'm the kind of gal who shoots the moon. I put out the sun. Most can't be near me and not discover something they can't find intriguing about me. Sound confident? Sure. I am nowhere close to "being better." I am certainly "not healed." I would bet high, you love the taste of my name on your lips. It should taste as sweet as poison.

I want to tell you more, but I just busted through a plate glass window.

P.S. I am still madly in love with Bill Murray. He supplies the air in my effing lungs.

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