Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is it candy, or medicine?

Not really sure, but if you have had a biopsy on your cervix today, raise your hand. Oh, only me?
I realize that such an occasion shouldn't have been as much fun for me as it was but, I had a blast. Angie picked my wiley ass up this A.M., and we rolled to the TDS mansion and dropped Abby off. I am very blessed to have an amazing support system. Just let me give a shout out to APW. She's the tits. She's the best, and I love her.

We laughed our faces off. My appointment was at 10:30. Biopsy actually performed?

I had overheard the doctor in the next room discuss with the resident with him, and he said that some women's cervix are "hard." And he also stated he had broken one before. This concluded me thinking in my head, "Are you hitting on me?" Or, "Is that a challenge?" how 'bout, "Are you threatening me?" Anyway, Angie and I giggled like third graders the entire time. We are grown women, but couldn't help to make jokes about our vagina's, and anyone else's vagina within earshot.

I need to let everyone know now, my attire was a carefully picked out "3 wolves and a moon t-shirt" courtesy The Nason Household of Possum Holler, Georgia. Thanks guys, best birthday present ever.

Still, while waiting Angie and I texted, again, laughed like crazy and remained as wild as hellcats. Fuck you, I'm Paula Northern and this is my amazing counterpart, Angela Puckett White. If you have any questions, I'm gonna blow your brains out. Kidding. Kinda.

The biopsy really wasn't that big of a deal. I was able to see a picture of my kingdom while they pinched off a part of my landscape. Yeah, they put a camera in my pocketbook today. Cool huh? To also let you know, I was numbed during said procedure and came out like a prized fighter.

The doctor and nurses got a kick out of my last name. Mr. Doctor Man asked how I could be so Southern, if I am a Northern. He also stated he didn't expect such a sweet, southern drawl. He charmed me right out of my pants, but he was also doing his job. So glad he did.

Long story short, Angie and I had Cardin's before she and Abby had to cut a trail back to Arden. Milkshakes, french fries, milkshakes. Heaven.

Listen, I love you. I will tell you later about shenanigans with Mama. It's an earful.

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