Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Annie, are you O.K.?

I told Mama, and Angie, both this very statement. "He looks good on paper, but that's it."
Angie concurred. Mama, still fighting me like a hornet, stinging me every chance she gets.
I still love her like mad, and will follow her to the bowels of hell. (Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.)

This one, will be short. Some of you hem and haw if it is short, but, I didn't sleep well last night, and I don't feel good. So therefore, I don't feel so creative. That's ok. I promise to go back to the doctor if I don't feel any better next week. We all do not rest enough. That's usually my issue.

The last trip though the gorge, and through the mountains, and the last time I wrangled Angie and Abby, I made a note in my phone...
About how the mountains remind me of women.
Curvy. Distracting. Unpredictable.

I write notes in my phone, and try my best to decipher exactly what was on my mind, later on.
I need to invest in a voice recorder thing.
Of course, I haven't.

"Open your eyes wide." Mark Twain

Advice, I am following very closely. Keeping tabs on anything, and everything in my vision. I want to take it all in. To admire, to understand, to study, to comprehend, what may be in my reach. And not so far, as I imagine it to be. This girl, is a fighter. Sure, I lose. The days I win, are absolutely outnumbering the losses. I take heart today. I miss things today. I feel ornery today.

Thank you again, for being here and taking the time to read.

My anchor in the storm.


  1. That's it! If I get this job, we're all buying voice recorders, dammit! You can keep your thoughts intact & we're gonna be fuckin' ghost hunters!

  2. I thought for the longest time that he was saying, "Annie, are you walking?" which vaguely makes sense, but not really...