Saturday, July 11, 2009

Farmer's Daughter

That is who I was born as.
My mother, at my present age, 29. Has had a child, and had been married, 3 years.
My Mama and Daddy were told not to have any more children after my sister.
My Mama has always had horrible blood pressure, and it was a risk to be pregnant.
But they wanted me. They wanted another child, boy or girl.

Good thing. I came out, almost killing my Mama. But she wanted me.
My Daddy? Still calls me baby.

They broke the mold when I was hurled into this world.
My Mama will tell me the story of when I was born,
as if it were, The Story of Christ, every October.

She remembers the temperature.
She remembers the time.
She tells about the dress she had on.

She remembers the words she told my Daddy before they took her for me to be born C-section.
"I want her."

I fall apart, when she just about has to whisper those words....

And so, I began.....

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