Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Under The Gun

This is the truth, baby. I did have my haircut.
It's not what we have discussed.
Pete asked if I were having my period.
I knew I was in deep trouble right there.
I thought, he would get up in my lap,
and sing Amazing Grace.
He didn't.
But he could have.

Pete's word's?
You have the face to wear any haircut,
but we need to pray on this one.

He gave me little bangs.

Normal cut.

I am running wild today.

I am struggling to put together a game plan.
It's going to be a hum dinger.

I promise.

Mailbox painted,
transplanting ivy by the smokehouse.

I can't drink any alcohol.

Taking Champ for a mini adventure later,
if it doesn't get to be too late.

I thought about Arden,
It's still early.

Who knows.

I appreciate your honesty,
and the GO GET 'EM attitude.

So I am going to borrow your attitude,
for a few hours.

I just caught a glimpse of myself.

I look amazing.

Gone to the river....

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