Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Apparitions

Our ordeal are the same. On the pirate sip. The good ship lolly pop. The ship of fools. On the pleasure cruise. We weather it all differently. We shouldn't apologize for our situations, our "ships." The boats we are on, passing each other......

In our oceans. In our seas. In our lakes, rivers, and streams. Sometimes, we drown in our creeks.
Whatever amount of water we tread, Command, or dog-paddle in, it can be done.
I get swimming cramps, and I have to lay on the shore.

Our goals? Can be slow to pass.

I put the horse before the cart. I play a game of hidey-hole. I mean, I mask it all.
I had supper with Mama and Daddy. Mama made chicken and dumplins.
I was able to pour my parent's a glass of milk tonight.
It was my favorite part of my day. My favorite part.
Daddy talked to me about having his knees replaced. I'm proud, Boo. Proud.
My Daddy is taking care of himself. Listen, it's about to get intense. I am seeing my Daddy as something fragile. It made me aware. Of his age. Mama made jam, and sent a few jars home with me. Daddy, had picked a bunch of squash for me. He had checked my oil, and told me what to do.

Daddy and I sat in the driveway and had ice cream.

Here I am. thinking about Charles Spurgeon. A Pastor from England. Mid 1800ish? He had smoked a pipe, for many years. He had walked past a tobacco shop, and a sign was advertising the tobacco the man smoked. The sign said, "The brand Spurgeon smokes."
He quit. Right then. Right there. Never again to smoke.

Never again to smoke!

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