Thursday, July 16, 2009

Search and Rescue

I start slow today. Why? Because, I want to remember how I feel right now. Full of Hope. Special. Your Love sets me free. You are my rescue. When I feel like I'm dyin', I want you to notice. Like a magic fish who grants wishes. Demanding your attention.

"At first she's gonna come on strong, like she'll love you all night long." George Straight

Skirting some issues. Presently, I am focused on one book. It is Galapagos. By Vonnegut.

Vonnegut, is easy to read. Of course, only I, can make it difficult. Which makes me an Absolute Personality "A." Mr. Wise, Thank you for this read. It is has enlightened me. In a time, I feel like a girl in the well. The way, the brain is described.... how he transforms a complex thing, and turns into simple matter, has left me inspired.

Page 6
My answer :
There was no other source. This was a very innocent planet, except for those big brains.

This book, and other turns of the page starting Sunday, has spawned a new awakening for me.
Willingness. Self-Control. It takes a lot of guts. To wake up. To say what is hard to say.
To look down a road, that is new. Here I am, kids. Flesh and Bone.
What's the Angle?
I won't jump through fiery hoops, and stand on my head. And wonder. If I ever captivate you.
Instead of the "A" side of the tape, I prefer the "B" side. Smooth, like the inside of a seashell.
My audience? Is a rowdy crowd. Watching to see when, I will put my head inside of the next
ferocious Lion, wanting and waiting to be Tamed.

Last week, another thing, Mr. Wise, you told me we were family. It made me grin. I was standing underneath the Chinese Maple in the front yard. You always make me think of us as Rob and Big, in the opening credits, when Rob is on Big Black's back. How that's you and me.
It is! What a comfort!!! I gotta tell ya, I'm a sucker for a Condor. (Admire the Wingspan!)

Even last Saturday, you had figured out a way to pick me up and hug me,
(and not tickle me), you threw me in the air. Like a piece of popcorn.
I am blessed to be 29, and act silly. And skate.
(Sunday, was a sham, I felt so bad, I just wanted to lay on the truck bed.)
I applaud your understanding.

I read my horoscope daily. It's one of those things that is a part of my make-up. It told me to eat what I want today. So I have permission. I'm not going on a bender, but, I am not eating salad today. Lunch, is hot on my heels, and I love the chase! I started reading my horoscope a very long time ago. I may have started around age 10. My sister and I stayed with my Great-Grandmother through the summer, and she always kept those mags like "Sun" or "National Enquirer." They have bangin' horoscopes. It began my affair, I would imagine. My Great-grandmother started alot of things for me. She was an avid reader, mostly smut books, but she had some that were not filthy. in the morning, she would eat a raisin or 2 soaked in whiskey. She said it helped her with her cough. That woman smoke menthol's when her sinuses were acting up. Ha.

When it comes to music, do you prefer, the actual arrangement? Of chords, and melody? Or do you pay attention to the words? Is it the music or lyrics? For me, it's painfully obvious, I choose lyrics. I saw the preview for Julie/Julia. It may be what is to come. It looks like a great movie.
I may not want to fall asleep during said film. We all know how I feel about "Star Trek." That movie, shaped me for weeks. Gorgeous score. Gorgeous.

Listen, I'm looking for heels. Yes, as in shoes. I'm gonna try to wear them. I mean, wear them out, wear them. Use them as a new template, just for a little while. Close your mouth. Wipe that look off your face. I told you! Leading Lady! The Lady, will have to wear heels!

I don't know how much you know, or care to know about The Twilight Zone? I had gotten hooked a few weeks ago. The older ones? The episode I am about to tell you about was
made in 1964. The title of this episode was called "Spur of the moment. "
Bear with me. It made perfect sense. It had a beautiful story line of a young girl, riding on her family ranch, she was young. Beautiful. On a White Horse. It was the day before her Wedding Day. Then, she looked up. She saw a woman, who looked just like her, but older, and dressed in black. She was riding a Black Horse. The older woman, on the Black Horse, started to chase the young girl on the White Horse. The young girl was terrified.
It looked like her. But older. Angry. Dressed in black.

She rode her White Horse back to the ranch right before the woman on the Black horse caught her. In the story, the young girl, had to choose, the night before her nuptials. Between 2 men. The one that was meant for her. Or the one who wasn't. She picked the wrong man.This is illustrated in the story with the woman in black. The older version. you see, she was engaged to the one she should have picked, but ended up running off with the one who wasn't her fiancee. The wrong choice landed her a marriage that wasn't fulfilling. They didn't bear any children. The beloved ranch of her Father's? Was ran into the ground because she made the wrong choice. She believed she made the right choice by going with her heart. And sometimes, the ticker, will lie.

What a deceiving organ.

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