Monday, July 6, 2009

Jimmy Crack Corn

I am taking time off. Well deserved time off.
As I covered in the last blog, I am doing.

Yeah, I am doing. And that's all.
I think it's more than enough.

I have plenty of books to read,
plenty to write about.

I can't spend alot of time outside,
due to cough due to cold.

That's ok.
I need to recuperate.
I need to rest.

P.S. I found poison on my face,
so it's pretty bad.

I may not work Wednesday either.
It's going to pan out.

So, I am not going to worry.
I will rest.

Read again,
Paula will rest.

My ramblings about Freedom?
Here we go baby.

Living in the bathtub,
Napping soundly with the boys,
Loving the time alone.

Thank you supporters!!!!
For allowing me to spread my little wings,
and to fly over the water,
possibly, over the horizon.

Still loving you!

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