Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am on a ship. How funny it is I always find an anaologie of myself with nautical terms. I love sailing. I wish I could live on a boat.... but I couldn't. Champ would be a nannerpuss, and dive in.
Tiger, would throw up everywhere, and lets just be honest. Ladybird would be lost without hills to roam on.

I am doing my best. That's as far as I get.

Daddy, is doing, so well. He is very painful. He has a machine that exercises his legs all the time. I am going to stay with Daddy tonight, and let Mama get some rest. Daddy, is a bionic man. Which, of course, in my eyes makes him even more invincible. I do have him on a pedestal. Rightly so, too.

I will get to hang out with Terry for a while later.....


I need help moving a cabinet I want to redo out of the smokehouse. There will be snakes. I am sure of it. I will need someone brave, so be wary before you volunteer.

I am realizing, there are more and more issues, I have not put to bed just yet. Always a work in progress, just like our farm. Just like Daddy.

Bowing out gracefully, is not easy. At least for me. I hate it. I cant stand it. I grab, and claw, my way in, out, and all around. I am not as sweet as pie as I should be.

I long for things. My heart is as big as the Empire State building today. It could bust. It makes me anxious. I, just cant wait anymore. I want satisfaction.

Just like in Reservoir Dogs, "You gonna bite little doggie, or are you gonna bite?"
Well, I wanna bite. So be weary of my cage. I am all too aggressive today.

My emotions, are a beautiful, wild thing. They should be watched, and coveted.

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