Monday, July 27, 2009

Go Ahead, Punk, Make My Day.

I will start out with Terry, making my day this morning. I needed just a little nudge to be all I can be today. Emotionally, I have been stunted, for maybe a month. Maybe longer.
Stunted, how? I am learning to be a little more brave, I am learning to ask for what I need.
Which, is a lot. I think, that is okay!!! I am very sleepy, and I am nervous I will not sleep tonight. I will probably stay with Mama and Daddy tonight, and have supper with them. Relish a little time before we all get tense, and things blow up like the 4th of July. It happens, in our family. We all so strong-willed, and have to have things our way, every one of us are blinded by our jack-assery.

Aside, from that, I still have anxiety. I am still nervous. I am still. Here!

Something I learned this week that I am suprised I have so much interest in? The Wall street Journal. If you have plans to kidnap me, and keep me for a while, give me The Wall Street Journal, and you wont even have to chain me up. For real. Every article, I have read, really has influenced me, broadened my mind just a little further.

Apparently I need a pin-up name. I see the issue with not having any pictures to go by, as me, all dressed up playing a role of someone I have been/will be. Just a thought.

I suppose, we should wait for pictures, that will show my true identity.

I took the picture of "Fucking Genius" on my mirror last night. Right before the storm. Which helped me sleep like a little lamb, once again. How awesome! I did rest, I did not want to get my bones out of bed, Champ was sleeping on my shoulder, with his tongue hanging out, content, I suppose, wouldn't even outline that boy's position this morning. Tiger, the sheriff, was under the covers, (he's cold-natured, like his Mama) close to the bend of my knees, and asked me to stay there...... We started at 6, fed, started coffee, I layed back down, and damn it, I started laundry too. I figure, if I have to be so active this week, I'm gonna get a jump start on this mother.
It's gonna be funky. Maybe robots will carry me around.... anything could happen. Right?

Listen, I will miss you like mad, all week long. Please call, text, and e-mail me.
Don't forget about your little flower in the desert, who needs you more than ever.

Pray for Daddy today. Pray for the surgeon, and pray he doesn't decide to have some kind of bender that would rival Robert Downy Jr. overnight. Pray for my Mama, that we don't combust like fire and gasoline, because, as I mentioned, forthright, we are too much alike. Needing too much control. Daddy, I am positive, will recover quicker than any doctor could diagnose, he is a brave man, who, I cannot wait to walk our farm with him, and ride on the back of the tractor.....

Till then, my babies.... I flutter said eyelashes to the lot of you.

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