Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Show and Tell

Just a game I play when I want to say, I love you......

Al Wilson's song is a superb example of how I live. How I desire to live. How I want you to see me. We need to love and edify each other. I worry, about chasing people off with my conviction. Could it mean they are weak? Can't face the world? Thank you for appeasing me. I don't believe you take me lightly. Which astounds me. I thank my lucky stars. It makes me feel full. Satisfied.
When I am often on the teeter totter, of horrible behavior on my part. I know, I am half-assing this sometimes. My blog. My writing. My secret, is partly out. Some of you know it. But are unaware, that I brand this as my secret.

I wish, I lived in the corner house for sale by your home. The heart shaped locks, are so perfect. They long to be loved. The carport, is screaming, "Come clean me!" The horseshoe above the window, of course, is for luck, and I think the idea originated in Ireland, or England. To hang said horse shoe over your door. Which makes me think, that would be the main door you go in and out of. Who knows? I could look it up. We could make bread together, and drive the neighbors batty. Tiger, in his Sheriff's badge, and chaps, would poop in the crazy lady's yard.
Let's face it, I have more dogs, and therefore, have more poop to give. Bitchez.

Unexpected. Unwarranted. Taken by surprise. I am looking for these things. Going to rummage the Goodwill, here in a few. Maybe, I could find a Survival Kit. Or later tonight, I will just make my own.

Very, very soon, I, am going to behave like the Leading Lady. You read correctly. In full Glamour, out and out blatant Woman. I will say things like "Lovely to meet you." Of course, throw in things like "Bless your heart." I will kiss you on your cheek.....
Signature Angie Puckett White. I said it. I love you, Lady.

My mind, is clearing. Slowly.
Clearing out all the cobwebs, of doubt, fear, insecurity.
I really want to Risk the Love.

Those last words? May be the most important thing, I could confess.

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