Saturday, July 18, 2009

Winds of Change

They are a blowin'. My mouth is hanging open today. So much happening. So many beautiful ideas being thrown together. It's going to be a beautiful production, and a magnificent show behind the scenes. Guess what? I belong. I belong to you, and to you, and to you. I was able to talk to Angie yesterday, and it was awesome. I didn't tell you that part, like I should have, I hold back when I should just let go. I pretty much feel like, I have had a Mountain Dew slushie thing from Weigel's, and jacks me way up, on extra strong coffee.
I am proud. Proud, proud, proud, of the things I am witnessing.
For my friends. DO you feel it? The change? It's a bare little wind, but she blows.

I feel like Dorothy, when the movie changes to color. I am seeing all the colors! Of you. I love it.
I am beyond honored to be where I am right now. My influences? Are "Everyday" people.
Well, not so "everyday." My friends. My family. I am playing catch up. Looking at them with a new lens. Inspecting them with larger eyes. I want to take them all in. The ideas. The passion. The new Beginning. I can't believe we all are on the same path together.

Speaking of Dorothy, Terry and I went to Cardin's last night, and had the longest 2 hour meal there. That's ok. We laughed and told secrets that only we understand. Coming home, we took a road out to Mascot, the bridge? Looks like something on the same level as The Emerald City.
I don't know the name of the road, but I know it takes you to the cattle auction. The bridge?
Is spectacular. We shot some funny pics along the road. We took a private adventure.
I like that about my friends. Willing to go along, and I am willing to tag along when the suggestion is to take the road less traveled. Pics, soon to come. They include, but not limited to, pics of rock that looks like a turtle, or dinosaur, and painted. An odd destination that looks like something out of the movie "It," or a Jason movie. I swear, I expected a nasty little clown to show up at any time. Very campy. Very Terry and Paula. I layed on railroad tracks.
We savored a "Stand by Me" moment. Good times. Perfect times.
And it only took an hour, and a little gas.

Reminds me of the last time I visited Sue, Josh, and the kids. Sue took Ash and I to a creek, and we wore our galoshes, collected rocks, discussed how wonderful it was to be able to have this tiny moment in time with her and one of their precious boys. By the way, I think it would be a prime spot, for any kind of shoot, whoever the client. It would be super fun to have a person out of the expected to shoot there. Ooh. Yeah.

Anyhooter, I am going to North Carolina to see Angie. ASAP. We need to drink iced coffee, and tease the Dunkin' Doughnuts guy. Whatta ya mean, you're out of large cups? It's the only way to drink coffee..... It is my addiction. It could be worse. And it has. Of course, I really need their child on the way, to start recognizing Paw Paw's voice. I can't wait. Read this, APW, I can't wait. To hold, him or her, to be a part of the next chapter in your family's life. I can't wait.
P.S. I love how Tom and I are alike.
It proves, not only are we family biologically, it proves how
" A bird of a feather, flocks together."
(Betty, I heard you know somethin' about pitchin' tents.)

Look. I am on a Flights of Fancy trip today. I am going to spend time with Sue, meet Josh's brother and his beautiful wife. I have been invited to become a little closer to the scope of things. How exciting is that? Aside from the fact we are going to do something super fun, it will be a little break. I am, heart broken, that Josh will not be with us, encouraging us to be a little more Nannerpuss, that he draws out of us.

Another proud moment? Is connecting with you, Ben. How important it is for us to be reconnected in this crazy turn of events. Important. Very. I love God's hand. I am proud of our friendship. Unexpected harbor in the storm.

Local celebrities in my mind. Very famous, and carefully crafted by God, Himself.

I have to tell you, about a very good friend, a person, who has no idea, how much they touch my life. His name? Is James Thomas. He is a client at work, and encourages me every time I see him.
This past week, he had to put his oldest dog to sleep. Heartwrenching, right? Yes, very.
Mr. Thomas,has had a very difficult, life, and is open to discuss it. With me. Or so it seems. Gracie, his wonderful pet, was 13 years old. Tibetan Terrier. Gorgeous dogs. Great breed to commit yourself to. Not for the everyday dog owner, but perfect for him and his wife. Excuse me, "Bride." That is what he calls his wife, and it gives me butterflies, whenever he says it.
It's almost a private joke. You see, I have this bond, with this perfect stranger. This gentleman, is not an "old" man, at all, but likes to joke and call himself so. The story of meeting his "Bride," comes up quite often. They met on a blind date, and got engaged 3 weeks later.
The smile, on this man's face, is enough to brighten your day, outlook, no matter what.
I swear, he tells me, because he wants me to not give up hope. Because I deserve it.
And not to let your circumstances define you. In the unbelievable light of Mr. Thomas and his Bride, they have met unforeseeable circumstances themselves. Moved back and forth across the country, all of their married lives, traveling for work, squeezing the time in to see each other, and to honor their marriage. Their son, met tragedy. Committing suicide. Mr. Thomas, himself, admitting to me, that he suffers from being bi-polar. Has confessed to spending time in a mental health hospital. Why does he tell me such things? I haven't a clue. But I draw from his words, and I feel relief when I see him.

Are you feeling the breeze just yet?

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