Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Top

You guessed it's Circus Time with me.
Rooty-tooty, sock it to me, trapeze -flying acrobat, Paula.

Yesterday, I realize, was a huge amount of information, emotion, and in your face. If you were man enough to take your medicine, congratulations. We are not out of the woods just yet though. I am on raging pit bull hormones. I am still taking those God-awful steroids. I am, one hair-pin trigger pull from striking a match, and burning it down............. BUT!!!! I am not there yet. (This is the part, I, congratulate myself.) I am making it through. I have many projects hurling through space and time. My gravity? Is, just apparently, perfect.

Thank you, for spending time with me. Thank you, for reading my erratic, wild, oddly captivating, thought-provoking, time-enveloping Specific Ramblings.

I couldn't make it without you.

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